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Absolute Reality

Absolute Reality, as stated in the materials offered here by Hillier Press, is not a teaching. Hillier Press is not a metaphysical group or a religious organization, for the Infinite One cannot be organized or divided on a human basis. Where Pure God-Self, Pure Oneness is All, there is no need for such. Absolute Reality equally is not "anti" anything, for where there is only the One I Am, there is only endless, unopposed Oneness, thus no duality, no opposing viewpoints, nothing to be "anti" toward.

If anything, Absolute Reality might be called "philosophy," but never in the sense that it is a human theory or idea, different from other human theories or philosophies. It most emphatically is not a belief system -- all of which would be found only on the level of the would-be human thinking mind. The pure consciously alive Presence that you are now alive to being is not a theory; not the opinion of a group of people. It is ever-present living Fact, or Reality Itself, consciously functioning as the One true Identity. The mortal sense of identity you've been educated to believe is you, is not You at all. There is nothing mortal. You are not the body that now appears to be sitting in front of a computer screen. You are wholly Divine throughout. In fact, there is only the Divine.

Many "teachings" claim to be Absolute, but are inconsistent because they assume the One, All, fell from being One, and that there is a second self or mind, a personal "you" that needs to learn, progress, struggle and evolve. In the One I Am -- the only One -- no such is possible. Absolute Reality has no dogmas, no rituals, no practices, and makes no attempt to force a belief on anyone -- but encourages open inquiry into the nature of One, All, Existence Itself. All that is required is being honest and consistent with One's Self, for the Self is absolutely honest with Itself and there is no other.

If you have had your fill of precarious conditions that seem to prevail in the world; if you see that old standards and long-held beliefs appear to be tumbling, you may well wish to investigate a viewpoint that is fresh and new. Most importantly, it is consistent with the Absolute -- without the mental and emotional burden of a false secondary "you" that has to become.