Hillier Press is making available the writings, Lectures, Forums and Seminars of Dr. Alfred Aiken.

This website provides an overview of Dr. Aiken's works, which were originally presented in the 1950's and 1960's.

Books as well as audio tapes and CDs of his Lectures and Forums are available for purchase.

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Lectures were one hour sessions open to the public. They offered general presentations about Absolute Reality centering on a specific theme.


Forums were two hour talks on Absolute Reality given by Dr. Alfred Aiken in a question and answer format. The nature of questions asked determined the direction of the discussion.















Absolute Reality


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Item Lecture Location Date Payment
31 Association Portland, OR 7/2/1958
Association Portland OR 7/2/1958
32 Guided Tour New York 8/24/1958
Guided Tour NY 8/24/1958
33 Pay Off New York 8/31/1958
Pay Off NY 8/31/1958
34 Foreign Labor New York 9/14/1958
Foreign Labor NY 9/14/1958
35 Reuben - Reuben New York 9/21/1958
Reuben - Reuben NY 9/21/1958
36 I Don't Count New York 9/28/1958
I Don't Count NY 9/28/1958
37 Violation New York 10/15/1958
Violation NY 10/15/1958
38 Ascension New York 3/29/1959
Ascension NY 3/29/1959
39 This Is The Captain Speaking New York 4/5/1959
This Is The Captain Speaking NY 4/5/1959
40 Drugs And Drudgery Seattle, WA 4/21/1959
Drugs And Drudgery Seattle WA 4/21/1959
41 What Are You Doing Here? Portland, OR 5/6/1959
What Are You Doing Here? Portland OR 5/6/1959
42 Every Body Is Wealthless-Worthless New York 3/27/1960
Every Body Is Wealthless-Worthless NY 3/27/1960
43 When Your Number Comes Up Portland, OR 5/6/1960
When Your Number Comes Up Portland OR 5/6/1960
44 Mind Blocks New York 6/29/1960
Mind Blocks NY 6/29/1960
45 Ye Ask And Receive Not Portland, OR 4/29/1961
Ye Ask And Receive Not Portland OR 4/29/61