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Absolute Reality


Due to the many requests that some of our Forums be put into book-form, we have at last obliged.  This is the first of a series which we expect to have published from time to time, in accord with what seems "sensible."

These four Forums are copies of the original taped-sessions, and, in so far as possible, we are printing them exactly as they took shape.  Frequently the spoken word can be aided by a gesture, an intonation or a shrug which conveys the precise meaning to the listener.  However, in the written word, no such helps are possible, so in order that it have the same clarity as the original session, we have made necessary changes and additions to the material.

Naturally, in a subject so controversial, so contrary to the generally accepted point of view, many questions are raised.  We have answered them in as forthright a manner as possible.  If one scans this volume as he might a novel, he will find it repetitious, but if one reads carefully, he will find that each repetition of our central theme is important, that the point under discussion be made crystal clear.

In our philosophy we do not proselyte, still we do not "hide our lamp under a bushel."  We welcome questions from any and all who are sincerely seeking the answer to Pilate's query: "What is Truth?"  To us, the answer is absolutely satisfying.  Should you like to join this widening group, read this volume with unprejudiced open thought -- you may find it what you have long waited for.

The Author

New York City

February 1964



Forums I

  • Reality not seen by the senses
  • Only One is I-The-Self
  • Truth is not a poultice
  • Mind conceives ideas, hence includes them
  • Spirit is not organic
  • Truth is not spatial
  • Singleness is Indivisible
  • Love is not denominational
  • Prophecy is never divine
  • Reality precludes belief and its believer
  • Truth doesn't brag
  • Intelligence is always busy
  • Humanity is ignorance, and vice versa
  • Death-birth
  • Who or what believes?
  • Does One "handle time?
  • Where is "body?"
  • Beware of promises!
  • Life, not a "possession!"
  • Wealth means Completeness
  • Dream
  • Money!
  • The senses and dimension are one, the same
  • Consciousness, Life, the only Substance
  • Only Intelligence can be I
  • No destiny in Truth

Forums II

  • Business and the market
  • Only Reality is
  • Truth is Single
  • Now is not human
  • Truth is never hypnotized
  • Mind is One, Individual
  • Awareness Alone is Substance
  • Humanity is illusion, dream
  • Truth is -- error is not
  • Can All be, yet be lacking?
  • Honesty
  • How does One "work?"
  • Love (Purity) is Whole
  • Spirit-I is Unrelated
  • Truth is Omnipotent
  • Time is a fraud
  • All leaves no "otherness," no guilt
  • Religion -- one with "time"
  • Action is being

Forums III

  • "Trouble" and a "second mind" are synonymous
  • All has no "problem"
  • Reason, cause, is a fiction
  • Intuition
  • Perception
  • Truth is no prostitute
  • History is fallacious
  • Metaphysics is dualism
  • Existence is Indivisible
  • Prophecy, a fairy-tale
  • Progression thrives on lack
  • What is All?
  • Time -- where and what is it?
  • Truth -- It is neither "right" nor "wrong"
  • Faith is a fraud
  • Is One a Christian?
  • Religion depends on evil
  • Nature -- is it of God?
  • Honesty precludes dualism
  • Who or what dreams?
  • Only Intelligence is intelligent
  • All (Fact, Truth, I-Am) has no void (lack, problem)

Forums IV

  • Ideas are without value
  • Only Truth is Real
  • Humanity is but reaction reacting
  • Truth precludes personal sense
  • Perception is Intelligence in action
  • Life not concerned over ideas
  • Awareness is Life-being-alive!
  • Love faces no problem
  • Truth needs no "protection"
  • Body is not your Identity
  • Body-concern is prodigality
  • Human sense is a fraud
  • Truth precludes time
  • Reality is not a "method," a "system"
  • No dualism in Fact
  • Are our writings of "help?"
  • All is -- evil is not"
  • Theology's god is evil, not Truth
  • Merely repeating words is of no help
  • Now is never "time"
  • Who needs a Messiah?
  • Intelligence only, is Truth

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