Dr. Aiken would dedicate an entire week probing the depths of Reality and Self Identity.

It was a complete immersion in Truth. 

  Individuals invited to attend these sessions would ask questions on Absolute Reality that Dr. Aiken would answer.

He would  explore  the implications raised by the questions and  bring out a clear sense of Reality, Life, Love, Existence. 

Today recorded sessions of Alfred Aiken's original week-long Seminars (presented from 1955 thru 1968) are offered four times per year. 

Hillier Press recommends that Seminar applicants be familiar with Dr. Aiken's writings and/or recordings. 














Absolute Reality

Today recorded sessions of Alfred Aiken's original week-long Seminars are held several times a year. It is recommended that Seminar applicants be familiar with Dr. Aiken's writings. Seminar attendance is by application only*. Please note preapproved attendees may pay for the current upcoming Seminar via the PayPal button option. Automated additonal charges will be refunded upon confirmed validation of application.

*Email for application.

Meetings start at 10:00 AM


Seminar 2020 Options:

Seminar with citations (US$ 415) (normal option)


Seminar only (US$ 400) (prior attendees only)





Seminar Schedule 2020

NOTE: Seminars will start on Saturday and end following Friday. No Forums.

Taped week long Seminars by Dr. Alfred Aiken will be held only by request.
Contact Hillier Press for available dates at


Confirm reservations in advance at the following motel.

Comfort Inn
4969 Montevallo Road
Birmingham Al 35210
Phone: 1(205) 957-0084
Reservation: 1(205) 957-0084