• Mind is All
          • Time is not
          • Truth is inviolate
          • One All means Only One
          • Truth is Consistent, Changeless
          • All is Complete
          • God s not a father
          • Only Mind (Truth) knows Truth
          • Consciousness is already conscious
          • Who or what is messiah?
          • What is Truth?
          • Humanity and dream are synonymous
          • Man, one with oblivion
          • The I-That-I-Am is never evil (human)
          • All is All
          • Evil requires support
          • All requires no "thing" to remain All
          • The Nazarene
          • Truth is All
          • Evil cannot be"healed"
          • Avoidance of Truth is the only evil,disease
          • Truth never loves lack
          • Reality is Permanent, Unchanging


Absolute Reality


Please note that Deity has no foreword.