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Absolute Reality


Life deals with your very own Infinite Identity.  While the author of this book is Alfred Aiken, you will discover that truly the very Mind that you, Dear Reader, are, is the only Mind that wrote this book.

Life discusses what is going on in the world today and how each of us can live our Life to the full, which shows us Heaven at hand.  Starting with the complete Life that you are precludes the world's problems, and opens the door to the Wholeness of Everlasting Life.

Many questions are asked today about Life, but has anyone really found the answer as to what Life truly is?  Within this book you will find that Life is your very own Being which is totally ALL, the Alone One beside whom there is no other.

There truly is an answer to today's problems of our world, so read and enjoy the Totality of Life.

The friends of Alfred Aiken would like to express their deep and sincere appreciation for this wonderful book Life.  Thanks, Alfred.

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