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Absolute Reality


Today the word "power" is uppermost in the thought of the general public.  Perhaps not consciously, but it lurks in the background and enters into nearly every decision or movement that man makes.

For the first time in human history, there seems no place for one to hide away from the rest of the planet. Airmindedness has brought about a change.  The earth that was once considered a vast expanse, has now shriveled to a small sphere.  Every part of its topography seems a battle-ground for power politics.  The ideology in control of the East would, if it could, drive all opposition into the sea.  The ideology of the West would convert the East if it were possible, but in the event the task proves hopeless, then bases for military protection against force must be sought and maintained.

The terrific cost of this maintenance is felt in every field of human endeavor.  Materials are rising in cost, currency is of less value, taxes are burdensome, but above all this is the everoperative fear, unrest, suspicion, and the tensions such attitudes develop.  Art, culture, the "higher" things that one craves, are being neglected because of the pressures of necessity.

More and more people are seeking for surcease by church attendance.  A growing demand for Truth is spreading across the whole earth.  Only in the realm of the mind can escape be found, but can it be found even there?

The psychiatrists are busier than ever before, the psychologists are holding high court, the metaphysicians are being deluged with calls for help, meanwhile our insane asylums are overcrowded, our universities bursting at the seams, and anxiety mounts, in some quarters almost to hysteria.

Are these various avenues meeting the need?  Are they showing a sure way out of the difficulty, or merely enabling,or counseling their "patients" to adjust, to learn to coexist?  Is there genuine peace, security, well-being in what is offered?  Is there nothing better than what our leaders have been able to suggest?  Do we basically have to depend upon preparedness -- upon a nuclear weapon that is more deadly, more certain of almost total destruction of our enemy?  If so, what if the enemy strikes first?  May it not be too late for us to use our defenses?  Shall we strike the first blow?  Who wishes to answer this?  Our whole conditioning renders us inadequate, faced with such a decision.

Power is the mainstay of nations.  Yet what is power?  Do not nations assume that their power lies in armament, in numerical strength, in economic superiority?  But are these power, or but the counterfeit?

This volume deals with Power, Genuine Power that is Everpresent.  It reveals that the Reader has Power, nay is Power Itself.  He will discover by careful reading that he need not depend on others, on armament, on money or aught else.  He will discover that he cannot be invaded by an enemy, cannot be attacked or harmed by others, be they nations, persons or ideologies.  He will find he is Power in Omnipresent Action, inclusive of his universe.  He will perceive that Power is not a personally selfish point of view, but that It includes all within his world, and operates unspent as All Good.

A single reading of this volume will not suffice. It needs to be pondered.  Do not become alarmed at the revolutionary conceptions the book presents.  Turn honestly, entirely to the Allness of All, God, and you cannot fail to agree that only Truth is true.  Whatever contradicts It in even the slightest way, is utterly false and unworthy of further consideration.

A considerable portion of the volume is devoted to letters.  These are actual responses to calls for clarification and for help, received by the author.  They have been edited wherever necessary, personal material removed, and also any portions that might enable the reader to identify the one to whom the letter was addressed.

Letters have come from every corner of the earth. Our answers often point out an important observation that is of great help to the reader.

We are certain that Power is timely, and is a positive Answer to the demands of the day.  In this conviction we gladly invite any who will to read, to enjoy, and to be the Power that he is here and now.

  The Author

New York, N.Y.

February 1959