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Absolute Reality


This booklet is printed for those who are truly searching for the answer to the age-old question "What is Truth?"

Any method or teaching that promises help, enlightment, or growth is spurious and a total waste of time and effort.  Some of the more generally known systems being followed today are: astrology, aura readings, ouija boards, metaphysics, medicine, meditation, any mental or physical manipulation, mind expansion via drugs, all spiritual and psychic phenomena, palmistry, theology, tarot cards, yoga, the study of U.F.O.'s, zen, the pyramids, "est.", E.S.P. and transcendental meditation.  These ideologies go on ad-infinitum and end up in the same ditch of nonsense.  They accomplish absolutely nothing!

The countless, complex ideologies that have mushroomed down through the centuries, have by no means solved the dilemma of humanity.

One Truth exists!  God is All!  THIS IS THE SIMPLE TRUTH!

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