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Absolute Reality


THAT WHICH IS is not a book intended to be read at a single sitting. He who would judge this work by a hasty perusal will do himself an injustice. He will have missed the opportunity of an introduction to the most important individual in his universe--Himself!

Today's market is being glutted with books dealing with the personality and with the mind; books from the physical and the metaphysical viewpoint, but to what avail? Lack, confusion and frustration seem on the increase, both on the personal and the national plane. Higher human evolvement is advanced as the means of ending the involvement of our world, now split into two camps. One side is struggling to maintain personal autonomy. The other is determined to eradicate every tendril of the individual, by believing in the power of a state to police body and mind.

Ideas know no geographical boundaries. Iron curtains cannot shut them out, nor keep them within limits. Because of this, we find ourselves in the midst of a cold war, which is a long way from being static or cold! No battle line ever knew so much conflict, such intense struggle, such paralyzing fear and confusion as sweep across this globe of ours today. Old standards for judging, weighing, evaluating personal, national and international policies and plans no longer work. New standards are adopted, but are found wanting, because civilization finds it hard to perceive how grossly uncivilized and unenlightened it is.

Duality underlies our human conceptions in every field of thought and action. For each positive, we have a negative; for each thrust forward, we have a counter opposition; for every right, we assume there is a reverse, a wrong. This "law of opposites" is our undoing. Duality prides itself on offering a freedom of choice; choice of bondage, but never Liberty, never Freedom from choice, duality!

Physical force is not Truth's antidote for anything. To attempt good sportsmanship, or fair play toward evil is folly. The acknowledgment of evil as if it were present, real, or capable of maliciously negating Good, God, is not only unwise, but it dishonors God, Infinite Intelligence. In Truth, contradictions cannot exist. A pure fountain does not bring forth "both sweet and bitter water." (Jas. 3:11) One cannot serve two masters, for he "will hate the one, and love the other; or will hold to the one, and despise the other." (Matt. 6:24)

What is the answer to our global dilemma? Is an all-out war the solution, or will this but sow the seeds of civilization's ultimate collapse? Can councils of state solve the problem? Can the individual citizen do aught to help in this major issue? Will metaphysics, mind-science or any other form of human thought-taking, assist in bringing peace to the race of man?

From every corner of the planet goes up the cry from leaders and followers alike: Wherein have we failed in our appointed tasks? Who is to blame? Why has not God, The Almighty intervened? Are we forsaken? Is the church helpless? Have education, science and prayer been wasted? Is Armageddon upon us? Have we reached the end of the world? Has God grown weary of our weaknesses, our follies, and turned Its face from us? Is oblivion, final vacuity, our destiny?

Metaphysics -- an attempted spiritualization of human thought, a guiding and guarding of mental process -- is not the way to Peace. Politics, individual growth of personality or unfoldment, moral control are not the answer. There is but One "Way," and that One "Way" is already established. It takes neither time nor personal effort to bring It to pass, for It is already at Hand. Storming It as a human being, a personality, an individual mentality, will not open the doors.

God is the sole and only One. There can be no other, for God is Infinite, hence All-Inclusive. There can be nothing besides God, the One and Only Identity.

This work does not offer a panacea to humanity. It does not claim it can cure the wrongs of civilization, politics, theology, education or personal problems. It does not condemn any cult, organization, system. It states that God is All. This Truth, being Infinite, leaves the field to Spirit only. If some wish to differ, they are at liberty to do so, but it is with Truth, the very Wholeness that is their own Being, their Self-Identity, that they take issue. They will offend no one except themselves.

Whatever this volume may mean to one depends wholly upon himself. If one reads it and gets nothing, he will be no worse off than when he picked it up. If it unfolds something of One's Self that is fresh, challenging, inspiring, it is because he has been truthful with that Self. The Truth intends to be neither offensive nor defensive, proselyting nor apologetic. Its sole intention is to state Its point of view as clearly and irrefutably as possible. All or any are free to accept or reject It. If the statement is Truth, neither acceptance nor rejection will alter it.

Any writing lies within the framework of words. A view that is off the beaten track is sometimes handicapped because the words used call forth a definition not currently in vogue. In the interest of clarity, it is possible our style of presentation is unpleasing, that repetition is noticeable and annoying, that a logical development in sequence has been ignored. If this is your reaction, lay the book aside until a more "convenient season," (Acts 24:25) for we would not torment you "before the time." (Matt. 8:29) Wait, if you must, until trouble is so focused, so sharp, as to be almost unbearable. Then read, and like the one who could not a t first see the forest for the trees, you will discover the Revelations are no longer obscured by the style or garments in which the ideas are presented. It will be their content that says to the troubled heart: "Peace, be still!" (Mark 4:39)

As is found in Habakkuk 2:2 -- "Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it." This is It. Amen.


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