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Absolute Reality


He who has read and pondered The Unchallenged Self, That Which Is and Deity will welcome this volume.  Naturally the basic statement, the premise is unaltered.  As Truth, as Love is Infinite, no single book, or group of books, lectures and articles completely state the Undimensional, the Immeasurable Indivisible One.

NOW is a revelation of your Self.  He who reads with an open approach will find it fresh and inspiring.  Not that the viewpoint is new to Mind, for nothing is new in Truth, and nothing is old, but the manner of presenting it is Individual.  Nothing will ever be discovered that is not already Present Fact to Infinite Intelligence.

Human sense cannot comprehend Divine Sense.  He who trusts personal education, personal opinion, personal sense only, dwells in darkness -- a darkness that appears to hide the Truth.  But darkness cannot hide Reality.  He who assumes he can refuse and refute Truth by blindly insisting that darkness exists in, or coexists with Light, ignores Light whose Being excludes ignorance and superstition.

Reiteration in this type of writing is desirable, hence is not avoided, but it will not appear repetitious to the earnest reader.  One cannot be reminded too often of what Truth is; who, what and where he is; what his capacities and capabilities are.

The assumption that Truth is too absolute for present day consumption, that without watering It down, adulterating, weakening or lessening Its statement It is not aceptable, is absurd.  To judge the reader as desiring misstatement, is to misjudge him.  To offer delusion in lieu of honest statement is worthless, the blind leading the blind.  Truth can be stated only as It is.  It needs no preamble, embellishment, apology or excuse.  He who Truthfully seeks It cannot fail to find It.  He whom merely seeks entertainment, or human confirmation of personal confusions and beliefs will be frustrated, irritated, baffled, disappointed.

This volume is not intended to convert sinners, educate erring mortals, absolve, purify, uplift or benefit any human being.  In it, Truth is stated as clearly as possible, the Truth that is the Present Fact of each and all.  Whether the reader accepts It or not is beside the point.  Truth does not change, nor will It be influenced by his opinion.

Truth is Unalterable Changeless God.  He who would ignore Truth, disapprove or deny It, but plays at being prodigal from Reality -- he does not dissuade Reality.  To operate in superstition instead of Understanding is folly, for whatsoever is accomplished in darkness disappears once the supposed accomplishment is exposed to Light.  Truly one works in vain if he works not in Truth, God.

Truth ends personal, national and international war, strife, misunderstanding, fear.  Yes, even galactic and intergalactic difficulties.  Such being the Fact, is it not worth a few moments of open-vision investigation each day?

Truth is not personal.  To assume It is would be a great injustice to your Self, to God; it would prevent Its appreciation, evaluation, use.  An equally foolish mistake is to assume one can profitably read or ingest this volume at a single sitting, as he would a work of fiction.

Remember to indulge in the luxury of questioning every statement made, whether in this book or elsewhere, whether by this author or another.  Do not assume because so-and-so said it that it must be true. Take a lesson from Nehemiah.  When Sanballat sent a messenger "for the fifth time with an open letter in his hand" wherein was written all manner of charges, did Nehemiah accept the claims of his enemy as substantiated merely because "Gashmu saith it?"  Did he agree that this rendered the accusation beyond question? (Neh 6:6)

Any declaration that does not testify to the Allness of God is false in premise, no matter how long believed or by whom.  To blindly follow is folly.  Seek and ye shall find -- seek as to whether or not it is Truth speaking.  Ask and it shall be opened unto you -- ask questions, investigate to ascertain if it is Truth declaring Itself, or is it the reverse, a supposition that something can supplant God, destroy Health, confuse and rob Mind, kill Life.

Read and revel, for this book is concerned wholly with your Self, with Power, Substance, Affluence; with Life, Love, Truth.  It reveals the Absolute Truth of body, family, business, world, things; what Living is NOW, and how to enjoy this NOW forever.  Rejoice in the good that God is NOW, the Self you are, the Perfect I-Identity that is never prodigal.

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